Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga Teacher Training - 250hrs PLUS

Corso insegnanti yoga CSEN e Yoga Alliance®Italia- International - 250 ore RYS 250 PLUS

Previous Teacher Courses have registered an increasing number of requests and have sold out. Sign up for time. We care about your preparation and your personal growth. The first year of the Yoga Teaching Biennial Course of the Yoga Studiesum Center in Mestre the CSEN National Training Center, accredited to the CONI of Rome and recognized by the prestigious Yoga Alliance®Italy- International . the Yoga Studies Center is Registered School with Yoga Alliance® Italy / International. The completion of the "Studium Yoga Formazione Insegnanti" courses will allow teachers to register with the RYT250 PLUS title and to have a recognized diploma all over the world. Here, those who already have an Alliance yoga title can also find Continuous Professional Training for Yoga Teachers. The diploma allows teaching in Italy thanks to the recognition of the CSEN.
The course is limited to 26 members; registrations have already begun for the first year.
As soon as possible, please confirm your intention to register by calling me at 3470564778.

What you will learn in this course.
You will be provided with a technical and cultural background to become a trained and inspired yoga teacher; you will be able, by drawing on your personal practice and acquired theoretical knowledge, to structure a yoga class complete with all its theoretical and practical aspects. The special feature of this teacher course is that you will be trained in both the HATHA YOGA (classical yoga) and the VINYASA YOGA (dynamic yoga). The program, very full-bodied will deal with the Vedic Philosophy, the Yogasutras of Patanjali, the Bhagavad Gita; we will address the asanas in their theoretical, energetic and practical aspects. Matter of study will be the mind and meditation, the functional anatomy (as a body moves), the Mantra and the Mudras. It will be two years of profound personal transformation in which you will be asked to teach what you will learn from time to time. From this year we have also introduced the study of the Sanskrit language. We will also have a day of Public Speaking, in collaboration with the Theater Academy "Lorenzo da Ponte" of Vittorio Veneto.

Info corso

Data inizio corso: 28.09.2018
Data fine corso: 27.06.2020
Docente: Claudio Cedolin, Caterina Metisin, Diego Manzi, Eliana Mea, Ilaria Longobucco, Edoardo Fainello,Giovanni Rebershak
Luogo del corso: Centro Yoga Studium